Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Power of Nightmares

I thought this BBC series was eye-opening, to say the least, and recommend that everyone give it a look. It's in three parts, each about an hour long. It contains information that is new to me, but its conclusions didn't surprise me at all. I wish it could be played on network or cable TV in this country. The link for viewing the series is here.

The series is a fascinating look at how two groups, the American Neoconservatives and the fundamental Islamicists have created a perfect storm of fear in order to gain and maintain power. It starts with the premise that gone are the days in which our leaders used optimism and vision to get elected. Fear is the main currency now and we are deep in its clutches.

If you click on the link, don't try to play the second one in the top row, it's labeled as part 2 of 3, but it's actually a replay of part one.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Single Momitude

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"I burped out my butt."

This is said in a matter of fact manner. A declaration to the world. I think it's clever, but I suppose I shouldn't encourage such statements by laughing. I laugh anyway. We stroll giggling with her clammy, sticky little hand in mine. It's unusual to hold her hand, she typically wants to walk by herself.

"What do you say?" I have an instruction lexicon now, mostly expressed with "what do you say," "please?" "say thank you!” No wonder children rebel.

"Kuise me." I laugh again. She lets go of my hand. I'm glad because my son claims my other hand and is less likely to let go. Content and silent and using my hand as an anchor in the non-playroom world. They are so different, these twins. Each of them takes up their own every bit of me with little overlap. Whatever she does, he does a few months later. Whatever he does, she aids and abets. I'm just the appreciative audience, the source of all food and stickers.

He finally does let go of my hand and they run ahead of me. He has an odd, endearing gait, one that makes me think of his vulnerability rather than strength or speed. He is not yet three, so I don't expect agility yet. She tries to run holding hands. It works only for a few steps until they fall down laughing. Up again and off.

I watch them run and find my anxiety level raising a little as neither of them listen to me with any regularity. I don't know if all mothers are like this, but I live with the worse case scenario playing a constant loop in my brain. But so far, we've only had one horrible accident, pretty good for a family in our situation. Still, I can’t wait for two things: toilet training (the result, not the process) and that magic time when I say something and they stop doing the thing to which I object (dream on!).

Two kids versus one adult. I'm a single mother, overwhelmed by definition and constantly aware that one of them will do something I can't stop. We live in chaos comprised of playing, cleaning, cars, trains, stuffed toys, and ballerina dresses. I thought I'd write this blog to record our experience. We'll see how it goes. I’ve included progressive politics because, as anyone who knows me can tell you, I can’t help myself.

I thought this was pretty funny

Paul Hipp at Huffington Post a has a very amusing clip. Just a hint: "I'm in love, I'm all shot up." Hee.

I guess if all we can get is a giggle (as opposed to a resignation), it's the best we can do. Frankly, I thought it was over the minute Whittington apologized (even if you suffer minor reflux on hearing it, as I did). But Jesus, these guys are brilliant, even when they don't mean to be.

For example, the US media should have been paying attention to the fact that the Bush administration wants to hand control over operations at six American ports to Dubai Ports World. I think this is a huge issue. I think Georgia10 at Daily Kos has it about right: It's a fantasy to think that an American company can step up and purchase this interest when the ports all along have been run by foreign-based companies. But there's a difference between a foreign-based company (even one where the foreign state has a non-controlling interest) and a foreign company owned by the government of the country in which the company is located.

I think this is a good issue for the Dems.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


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Does anyone doubt Dick Cheney had more than one beer in his system when he shot Whittington? I mean, I'm not going for the affair rumors or the intentional shooting stuff. It's too tinfoil hat for me. But you know something's amiss.

When good things happen for this administration, they are out in the news pumping up their bit of good news bigger than it is in real life. When bad things happen, they shut up or deflect by (heh) shooting the messenger or, well, by lying. And they lie a lot recently.

My nearly three-year-old daughter thinks I'm juggling when I toss two balls in the air. I wonder how long before she's on to me. My son thinks I can extract toys from websites I show him on the internet (he doesn't know about the Visa card middleman). Good thing they're too young to vote.