Thursday, February 16, 2006


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Does anyone doubt Dick Cheney had more than one beer in his system when he shot Whittington? I mean, I'm not going for the affair rumors or the intentional shooting stuff. It's too tinfoil hat for me. But you know something's amiss.

When good things happen for this administration, they are out in the news pumping up their bit of good news bigger than it is in real life. When bad things happen, they shut up or deflect by (heh) shooting the messenger or, well, by lying. And they lie a lot recently.

My nearly three-year-old daughter thinks I'm juggling when I toss two balls in the air. I wonder how long before she's on to me. My son thinks I can extract toys from websites I show him on the internet (he doesn't know about the Visa card middleman). Good thing they're too young to vote.


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