Sunday, February 19, 2006

I thought this was pretty funny

Paul Hipp at Huffington Post a has a very amusing clip. Just a hint: "I'm in love, I'm all shot up." Hee.

I guess if all we can get is a giggle (as opposed to a resignation), it's the best we can do. Frankly, I thought it was over the minute Whittington apologized (even if you suffer minor reflux on hearing it, as I did). But Jesus, these guys are brilliant, even when they don't mean to be.

For example, the US media should have been paying attention to the fact that the Bush administration wants to hand control over operations at six American ports to Dubai Ports World. I think this is a huge issue. I think Georgia10 at Daily Kos has it about right: It's a fantasy to think that an American company can step up and purchase this interest when the ports all along have been run by foreign-based companies. But there's a difference between a foreign-based company (even one where the foreign state has a non-controlling interest) and a foreign company owned by the government of the country in which the company is located.

I think this is a good issue for the Dems.


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