Monday, April 10, 2006

Bush in Trouble

This remarkable photo of George Bush appeared in the April 7 Winston-Salem Journal. I can't find a better version of the photo and will update when I find the name of the photographer. I'm preparing for trial tomorrow and have to post this during a break.

Credit aside, the composition and content of the photograph amazes me. Gone is the George Bush one step removed from chawing on a straw of hay; gone is the fratboy smirk at the podium. This is a photograph of a president under attack. Arms holding microphones, belonging to the press, push at him, drawing the eye to his central figure. The disembodied arms appear to belong to two white women, a man of undetermined race, and a black man, in other words, a cross section of America.

The president himself appears to be trying to protect himself or trying to surrender, hands up. His expression dismayed. In the background, Air Force One is pointing down, seeming to emphasize Bush's downward spiral in the polls and in the nation's collective consciousness. The white part of the plane's fuselage appears as a knife or a finger pointing at him. The downward appearance is made more so by the gangplank, at the bottom of which are two uniformed military attendants facing away from Bush. With the most recent news of leaks of Bush's Iran plans from the Pentagon, I don't think you could invent better symbolism of the military turning away from Bush.

I found this photo in a diary posted by Al Rodgers on The Daily Kos. It's a remarkable image.


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