Sunday, April 02, 2006

Interesting Harris Photo

I'm no expert at photo analysis, but I thought this photo of Katherine Harris in the March 27, 2006 Orlando Sentinel begs some discussion.

Never in my memory has a candidate been so self-aware of her physical attributes and here, as the lighting and the shirt amply display, she holds herself as if to be appreciated: one arm behind, posture erect. She's physically playing to both the camera and the men behind her. More interesting, however is the arrangement of those men (maybe supporters). None of them look particularly happy, the men on the right might be staring at her breasts, and the man behind her seems to be grimacing. My favorite is the white-haired gentleman in the tie and yellow vest in the back on the right. He seems one stepped removed from putting his head in his hands. All the onlookers appear to be more clued into the serious situation that is the Harris campaign while Harris herself appears defensive. She of the youthful torso is becoming she of the haggard demeanor: eyes tired, face lined, mouth uncertain. And what is she doing with her other hand? It appears that she is positioning herself for the camera as if her only asset must be displayed and projected. If ever a photo pronounced the end of a campaign, this one looks to be the messenger.


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