Saturday, October 21, 2006

US Generals Hauled Home from Iraq

The Bush Administration called the US top generals back for an emergency meeting to discuss new strategy with the president as poll numbers show the public support for the White House’s conduct of the war and foreign policy is plummeting.

The meeting occurs as US generals admit that we are losing the battle for Baghdad, while the old guard GOP elite, headed by Bush 41 cronies, are bringing their revolt from the White House to the media, and the 78th US soldier dies in Iraq this month. We do not have a confirmed number of Iraqi civilian deaths in October.
Meanwhile, President Bush told the country this morning that the war has been “rough for our troops” and that the Pentagon reassesses the situation “everyday,” but urged the public to support “staying the course,” whatever that might be. The weekly radio address comes in the face of military admissions that al-Sadr’s Shiite militia took control of the southern Iraqi city of Amarah on Friday, requiring the Iraqi government to negotiate a truce.


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