Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fiddling while Iraq Burns

While American politicians argue over John Kerry's verbal blunder with equal stupidity, American and British leaders finger point and blame each other for the cataclysm that is Iraq. Bahgdad is under siege and country is disintegrating. Twenty-seven people were killed and 40 kidnapped today. Yesterday, the Iraqi Prime Minister ordered US troops searching for a kidnapped soldier to abandon their Sadr City checkpoints and they obeyed.

We don't know who looks worse on the Kerry story....the right wing, Kerry, some dem candidates, or the media who seem to worry the story like an itchy wound.

It's fiddling on a grand scale, placing political spin on silliness (although you've got to admire Olbermann's "Bush is too stupid to know he's being called stupid") while the worst US foreign policy catastrophe in history ignites and unites the Middle East against the West.

As politicians ignore this sticky abyss in favor of Kerry's verbal stumble, it occurs to us that on November 7 Americans will get the government they deserve no matter who wins the election and that the emerging winner will be a perfect complement to the media we already have.